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It's been a year of security updates for the note 8 smartphone (which is capable of android q) but nothing has improved instead there's a issue of screen blending in many note 8 phones. Galaxy note 8 has dex support but it can't run dex directly through the USB cable which the note 9 can and running dex with the dex adapter is also causing problems. It's understandable that launch of a new phone with better features gives a wow factor but degrading the old phone by not providing necessary updates isn't. Best example is that note 8 doesn't support the new feature to run phone apps on pc via YOUR PHONE app which even Samsung a30s and a8s can. 
So I'll just say one thing :- "thanks Samsung for slowly killing the phone and make your loyal customers shift to different companies" 
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👍😜 Time to move on. Now note 9 too is part of archives.
Already using a new device 😁
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