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Samsung Ouch again

(Topic created on: 06-15-2019 10:37 AM)
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Why all the finest themes, wallpapers, icons, AODs being sold in Samsung Galaxy Themes...After purchasing an expensive smartphone from Samsung. Then it's painting and colouring goes for sale. Not even one single stylish font works with Samsung Pie. This was one of the reasons I choose Samsung Galaxies over iOS smartphone because u can toy around with fonts, colouring, painting and changing icons. Now Samsung has joined iOS finally leaving users unhappy. Seriously not happy with Samsung. I'll surely fall back to iOS again I've missed them. #NotHappyWithSamsung. 
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Galaxy Note
Don't worry dear friend. No locks are made with out keys. Google for how to get paid themes for free, you can find how to download themes for free.
You can download AFonts for installing fonts.