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Samsung Note that I almost bought!!

(Topic created on: 6/3/20 6:30 PM)
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Galaxy Note
      I had ordered a Samsung Note 10+5G via on 23rd May 2020. The phone was being sold with a AED 1500 Gift Voucher. That made it AED 4499 - AED 1500 = AED 2999 plus delivery charges of 15 dhs. I received the phone via Fetchr on 28th May 2020 evening. I had ordered it as a birthday gift and hence had asked it to be gift wrapped (my son wanted to gift it to me on my Birthday). When I went home and opened it, I couldn't find the mention of 5G anywhere on the packaging. I sent a message to them that I have received the phone without gift wrapping. I checked the phone for details regarding any marking for 5G but couldn't find it. When I went on the internet and checked on Google, I found that the model mentioned on the box -'SM-N975F/DS', is a Samsung Note 10+4G phone whereas my order was for - 'SM-N976QW-256GBB' which is a Samsung Note 10+5G phone. I sent a message to their contact WhatsApp number immediately (on 28th May 2020) but got a response only on 30th May saying that my order was for 4G phone only. Then they said that they don't have any stock of 5G phones. But by some miracle they were still selling it online!

      They tried to cheat me with a lesser phone thinking that I may not notice. They did not respond to my mail but only to my WhatsApp texts. They said that they can give me a AED 150 discount for the 4G phone. When I told them that I wanted the same phone that I ordered, they told me again that they didn't have stock even when they were selling it online. They said that they could send me a refund. I told them to send me a refund. Then they switched to mail and sent me one saying that the courier will pickup the phone and in their words -'Once we have received the item and the quality control checks have been satisfied, the refund will be initiated to your bank. This typically takes 3-5 working days as per the standard bank processing times.' I didn't trust them. First they told me that they would refund AED 2999.00 whereas I paid AED 3014.00. I reminded them about that. Then they said that they would refund after checking the phone. Wow! Gone are the days of Customer service!! Never again from Jacky's!!

      I am a Samsung fan since 2013. This phone was going to be my 5th Samsung phone (a part from four phones for my Mom & Dad). I also have a Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Sound Bar and Samsung Gear Series 3. This incident disheartened me and now I have given up the idea of buying a Note for my Birthday thanks to Jacky's!!