So guys, the best phone is yet to come and it’s not the Galaxy Fold or the Galaxy S10. It’s something secret and is coming on our way. Yes, it’s the Galaxy Note 10.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Phone 
The Galaxy Note 10 is going to have pretty unique features to stand out. It is going to be far more better than its predecessor- the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Design samsung galaxy note 10 design The Infinity-O screen design is still very much in play at Samsung, only the selfie camera location differs. 
The rear cam designs, meanwhile, mimics what’s available on other Android devices out there. Samsung isn’t necessarily copying anyone’s design here, as the camera location might be a design compromise that Samsung needs on the Galaxy Note 10. Unlike the Galaxy S10, the Note 10 will ship with a built-in stylus, so Samsung has to juggle all these components without sacrificing battery life. What’s also clear from these leaks as well as the render above is that the new Note phones will have in-display fingerprint sensors just like the premium Galaxy S10 phones.
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except for triple camera nothing is great . I rather stick with note 9 which is perfect and addresses all the issues and has a great camera too. If Samsung keeps giving lollipops does not mean one would switch over at a exorbitant cost difference. No way will I look at note 10. Opinions are deceptive by the way so I have given my opinion. cheers