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Samsung s10 first of all comes with new processor that's more powerful than any other processor in smartphone industry except Apple A bionic chip .

Whether you are getting exynos 9820 or sd855 both comes with many interesting and new features. But with exynos 9820 you can unlock 8k recording too . Like last year xda developers unlocked 4k 120fps for exynos models.
Video recording is there any improvement??

Yes, the new cameras steady shot functionality can handle shakes easily and give you a very pleasant and stabilized video.

To display Samsung now available to you a hdr10+ compaitable more advanced super amoled display with dual cameras on front in s10 plus and single on s10 models. 10MP AND WIDE ANGLE CAMERA ON FRONT WITH WHICH YOU CAN GET 4K RECORDING TOO.

ON the back you will get triple cameras one regular lens , wide angle and telephoto lens .

In the fingerprint industry where others smartphone manufactures giving you less secure optical fingerprint Samsung is giving you ultra sonic in display fingerprint more secure, faster a d don't need too much exercise of finger works in any angle. 

Phone comes with android pie out of the box with new one UI.

Speakers are also improved according to Samsung and Dolby audio will be more pronounced nowโ˜บ.

And s10 plus will also comes with 1tb of storage and 12gb RAM. That's insane .๐Ÿ™„
Comes with Samsung pay too .โ˜บ

Galaxy fold is also a good looking,  futuristic phone but will it launch in India.  Comment below

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Expert Level 5