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S-Pen Control Features

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There are a total of five new Anywhere Actions, to navigate your device, joining the app-specific gestures that already existed. Those five gestures are:

Back: Functions the same way as the back button.

Home: Goes to your home screen. 

Recents: Opens the app switcher so you can see your recently used apps. 

Smart Select Trigger the tool that lets you capture a section of your screen.

Screen Write: Takes a screenshot of whatever's on your screen at that moment.


Each action has its own specific gesture that you can trigger anytime you're using the S Pen. You'll need to hold in the button on the S Pen in order for your Note to recognize the movement and respond appropriately.

You can view the basic gesture for each command by going to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen> Air actions. Under the Anywhere command section is a small picture of the motion you'll need to make with the S Pen while holding in the button.

You can customize what's triggered by each gesture.

On the Air Actions screen, tap on any of the anywhere commands to change what it does. You can repurpose it to launch a specific app on your phone, start a new note in Samsung Notes or change the navigation functionality, for example:

• Launch the camera by long-pressing the S Pen's button. Press the button again to take a photo.

• The Smart Select tool makes it easier to take precise screenshots. Remove the S Pen and then tap on the Smart Select icon to capture only what you need. 

• Create an animated GIF of your screen using the Smart Select tool.

• Remove the S Pen when the screen is off to start taking a Note, without even opening the Notes app.

• Use the magnifying glass to get a better look at something on your screen by removing the S Pen and tapping on the glass icon.

Please let me know in the comments below your favourite gestures tricks.
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This is a great guide!

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Thanks, We appreciate what Samsung is doing to make the S-Pen more advanced every year.
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I like this Magic Wand!!!!
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I totally agree 👍
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power & magic ✍
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Absolutely true 👍
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why doesn't translate include arabic and hindi ?
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When you pull the S-Pen out of the phone you can see a line of shortcuts icons including translate, if you can't find it just select the gear icon then add the transition icon to your shortcuts list, you can highlight any word and it will translate it to the required language, you can select and change to Arabic and Hindi from the top bar.