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Leave an impression in your next meeting by using the Note20 to present and the S Pen to advance slides in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can keep your presentation moving smoothly from up to 30 feet away thanks to the S Pen’s BLE connectivity.

To present from your phone, you can either launch Samsung DeX using an HDMI adaptor, or you can use Smart View to wirelessly mirror your screen to a Wi-Fi-capable display. DeX, Samsung’s platform for transforming your smartphone into a desktop experience, will give you a more complete presentation experience.

Once Samsung DeX launches on the presentation screen, pull down the notification menu on your Note20 and opt to use your phone as a touchpad. Now you can use your finger or pen to navigate on the presentation screen and open the PowerPoint slides. Tap the icon to go into presentation mode and start your pitch. You’re free to move around the room as you present: Click once on the S Pen button to advance slides, and twice quickly to skip back.
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This is so helpful! Thanks for sharing Ambassador.

We'll be using this in our next meeting for sure...