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Problrm on Secure Folder

(Topic created on: 04-02-2018 05:55 PM)
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Galaxy Note
After last update .. all the setting has been change .. and on mu secure folder i am using like whatsapp any more apps .. but i am facing problem now with whatsapp like if i am bloking the notification its will not show after i open the secure folder how many whatsapp i have on the top of the icon whatsapp untill i open the apps all the chat will apear .. this is big problem ( before the update every things was fine and scure )

and also with you update you have keeping more tools top of the keybord like which i can drow by my hand .. which if i save it will save on the device galery not in the Secure Floder Galary which is also a big big problem that can be show out side of the app ..

so please try to solve these problem ..

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