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Power to Work 📱

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Galaxy Note

As we know that Samsung did the creativity for samsung users and empowered their devices with all users need , Galaxy Note20 Ultra covered all in the way of your needs.

Power to work:
•Using S-pen in copying , cutting , paste , cropping and smart selection . S Notes supports as you can quickly create memos by writing on the screen without turning on it.
When the screen is off, detach the S Pen or hover the S Pen over the screen and press the S Pen button.
When you tap Save or reinsert the S Pen into the slot after writing a memo, the memo will be saved to Samsung NotesComposing mail and replying and manage online meetings and sharing files ( audio , documents ) . Linking your mobile with tv , laptop or tabs & sync your files.


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Galaxy Note

That's cool! The Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G for sure is the device to keep you going all day. Thanks for sharing your insight Ambassador!