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ONE UI 3.0 update for *NOTE 9*

(Topic created on: 09-09-2020 03:50 PM)
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My current smartphone is note9. This phone was released on 23rd August 2018 that is exactly 18 days after the release of android pie. When i got my phone, it was running oreo which means note 9 started from below the ground. Samsung update policy is 2 years, i know that but when you promise 2 years my device should get ONE UI 3.0 with android 11. I'm not asking to give that update to the s9 series because they got exactly 2 years of software updates but when it comes to the note series they starts from below and basically ends up getting 1 year of software update instead of 2. Just because samsung started it wrong doesn't mean it should also end it wrong, just provide the ONE UI 3.0 update to note 9. Please it is a request.
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Sir please rolleout une ui3 update for Samsung galaxy note 9

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Come on, Samsung, show some love to this awesome phone. 💓