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(Topic created on: 09-19-2021 12:59 AM)
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Hi everyone, I just wondering if anyone here experienced about the changes of battery life for note10+, my phone battery was perfectly good but last week my note 10+ battery drain so quick, and i don't know what exactly the problem maybe Samsung did something? and I already  uninstalled those applications I didn't use for long time, even two software update has been send but the same issue.
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Please try recharging straight to 100% for 2-3 times. If that didn't solve please check after activating "safe mode". Be sure you update all apps from both stores. You can also try clearing your cache partition after that.
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Please bring your device to a Samsung Service Center to have it checked out my a technician and help resolve the issue. 

Find the nearest service center near you online, or on Samsung.com, or by calling the call center or passing by one of the Samsung brand stores.