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Note 20 Ultra

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Note Ultra update deletes contacts. When I receive a text, any contact in my favorites and/or with a picture, it deletes the data except the name. Meaning, it deletes the saved photo, all numbers and addresses and any preferences. Now I receive the Verizon call filter warning "Unknown Contact", when I receive texts from some one I know, because their info was deleted.


I'm not sure if this is due to Verizon call filter or the update but, I had no issues until the update. Should have just kept my S8.

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 Kindly you can try to do the below steps to solve your issue:

-from the top right menu choose Show system apps
-Clear cache & Clear data

If the issue still exists, You can diagnose the root causal of your case by setting the device to the safe mode as some third party apps might cause a bug in your device.

You can activate the Safe Mode option through the following steps:

- Restart your device
- When it shows Samsung logo, you have to press and hold the volume down key till you reach Safe Mode
- You can try to observe the device for Two or Three hours
If the device is working fine in the safe mode, it means that this issue caused by some Third party apps you already installed on your device in the normal mode. Kindly check your Third party apps. and remove them one by one until resolving the issue.

If the issue still exists Kindly set a backup for your data using the following steps:

-Accounts and backup
-Backup and restore
-Backup data

Then you will be able to reset your phone to the factory default settings using the following steps:

-General management
-Factory data reset

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