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Not 8 pie update limitations.

(Topic created on: 02-23-2019 03:15 PM)
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Galaxy Note
I updated to the latest pie.. I am very annoyed with the restriction samsung has put on using the hybrid sim adapter. I believe it is my right to be able to use the Hardware whichever way I want. I paid for a duos phone and that supports sd cards and I want to use all of them whichever way I want. It is not like my phone is still under warranty. I want to use the features I paid for. I want to use samsung's Knox and MST Apps. Restricting me is a way of pushing me to pay for newer phones with larger capacities. To me this is manipulation and it really makes us lose all loyalty to the brand. Moving to Pixel phones and to the new Powerful Xiaomi and Huawei phones are always an option, a good one too... Please stop this insanity.
Thank you.