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Looking for Guest Mode on Samsung phone - - enable without rooting

(Topic created on: 01-24-2022 02:05 AM)
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There must be a way to enable Guest Mode on my phones.  All of them are Notes.  Samsung has a Multiple User Mode, same thing.  I can't get to it.

Before all the experts chime in and say pin an app, or use kids mode, or some other solution that does not meet my needs, please read on.

On the older phones, Samsung had MyKnox.  Excellent, perfect solution.  It literally was like having a virtual machine running on the phone.  What that meant is that when you switched into it, it was totally sandboxed.  How is that different?  Why use something like that? 

My use is not for handing my phone to someone else.  I never let anyone use my phone.  Nobody.  What I used MyKnox for was as a sandbox.  Let's say I want to run Words With Friends or a similar app that wouldn't run if I limit its permissions too much, like access to my contacts, storage, running whatever apps it downloads in the background, etc.  I could switch into MyKnox and have that app and others like it in an isolated environment.  When done, I would simply switch back out of it.  If I ran a file manager inside MyKnox, it would literally see nothing outside of the container it ran in. 

Samsung got rid of MyKnox.  Instead, they implemented Secure Folders and Private/Secret Mode and other half solutions that just hide some storage.  On some phones, there's apparently a Multiple User Mode.......

On other phones, the Guest Mode runs as Android was designed to do.  It gives you multiple, isolated user environments that can be temporary or virtual.  Another good use?  A completely separate environment on your phone for business and personal.  Like two phones in one.

Nevermind parental controls.  Again, I am looking specifically for any way possible to enable the real Guest Mode or Multiple User Mode feature that's turned off on my phones.  I've seen many solutions that involve rooting.  I don't care to root any of my phones.  Temporary root access?

I have a Note 4 and a couple spare Note 3's.  Carrier issue?  Maybe.  These phones have been on Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and many worldwide carriers.  Guest Mode not there. 


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