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I am user of note phone from 2013 when the series was new.

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Now using note 9 and had plan to trade with note 10+.
But I gave feedback twice about the frame of samsung smartphones should be like iphone frame stainless steel.

I buy Iphone x and note 9. At the same time and the iphone x is still new and note 9 frame colour which was Blue now become white with the normal scratches of car key in the pocket because of aluminium wich is not as good as stainless steal like iphone have.

it shows the uper Qulaity of samsung is werse then Iphone from inside maybe it's good or bad.we can't see.

I am a family of samsung and have pain in my heart that's why I sheared  my experience with Samsung team and here with you peoples. 
M. Alam
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my note 9 is still looking new... after release note 10 plus, my mind is changing slowly slowly. i wish in future i will purchase note 10 plus. trust me really just awesome.