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Green Vertical line

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A strong fan of samsung flagship devices, started from S3,s4,s8 and now Note20ultra. Purchased this flagship **bleep** back in 2020 and within less than 2 years, got vertical green lines , though used with utmost care.not even a scratch on my phone till date, even the plastic covering on the edges also still there.

After a bloody software update these vertical lines started and made me shocked.Spending a wholesome money and couldn't even used 2 years.Generally all my previous phones lasted 3-4years,but this, gone within 1.5years.


service centre guy advised to replace the display , without even seeing the device, which will cost around 20k INR.

Thank you verymuch samsung, not any more.

Service centre guy adviced 

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It's a common hardware problem. Yes, you're right, the replacement cost for the original screen is going to be higher.

If you are not worried about the green line, I advise you to keep your phone the way it is. And it won't mess up your Galaxy device.

Investing in a new, lower-priced phone may be a good option for you to consider as well.

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Hi... sorry to hear that 😞 
This is a common manufacturing issue on S20 series. But sad that ur Note 20 Ultra also affected.

So far the only solution is to replace the display. I'm suggesting to you use your current display as much as you can and make sure to backup your phone data to a somewhere secure place in case your display is completely lost. Meanwhile, try to use Link to Windows or Samsung Dex when it possible. Sometimes It'll be helpful to slow down the display usage and possibly help to use last long the display. But this is not 100% sure and can't guarantee. Just a suggestion.