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Hi all,
Here is my opinion after using Galaxy Note10 for 3 weeks & after October's update:

1. Fantastic display even with FHD+ resolution it is stunning when browsing or reading even under direct Sunlight.
2. Audio quality is superb if u r watching videos or listening music.
3. Camera - All the flagship phone's camera produce great results during daytime so can't be compared much but during this ongoing festive season, I've clicked mostly night time photos and the result came out are stunning even with Selfie camera.
4. Battery - Still the same, charges fast and discharges sooner than expected, atleast need charging twice a day. My usage pattern is like browsing, facebook, whatsapp, insta, share my mobile data with others via mobile hotspot, GPS for navigation+camera and some doodles with Spen....all consumes battery fast.
5. Sound - Call quality both earpiece and loudspeaker is crystal clear.
6. Heating issue is there, a little warm u can feel sometimes. I use a Spigen case.
Charges really fast within an hour....charging from 20 to 100% took 55 mins. 
My experience is pretty smooth with UI while doing everything in this phone especially after the October Security patch which also brought camera improvements, which is still unexplored.
Superb experience and Happy with my Galaxy Note10. ✌🏼
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me too go with ur comments. I am using Note right from Note 3 (except Note 7, due to that battery issue)...currently using note 10 plus (512 gb variant). really no complaints.