The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ introduced many new camera features, and perhaps the most disappointing of those was 3D Scanner, which uses the ToF camera on the back to create 3D models of live objects. As we had noted in our Note 10+ review, 3D scanning is a hit-and-miss affair, with the feature often messing up scans of humans and throwing errors when scanning non-human objects. But with the latest update to the 3D Scanner app, Samsung is attempting to improve the former with a dedicated ‘Person’ mode.

With the latest version of 3D Scanner, you can manually switch between ‘Person’ and ‘Thing’ modes depending on what it is you’re scanning. We haven’t been able to test the updated app to see if scanning has improved, but it will hopefully do a better job at human scans than it has done in the past. The changelog does mention that improvements have been made to 3D model quality, so it’s possible the overall experience and quality of scans will be better after the update.

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