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Galaxy Ecosystem Review

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a very powerful and capable device on its own and it can do even better when connected to the Galaxy Ecosystem. During Unpacked 2020, Samsung has introduced a total of 5 devices including the Galaxy Note Ultra. One of the most exciting parts of the event was the demo of the seamless integration of the Galaxy Ecosystem in these devices, which gives you more flexibility and time for what matters most.

In terms of connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the first android device to sport UWB, which has endless capabilities. The unparalleled precision sensing of NXP’s Secure UWB technology includes outstanding localization that will make it possible for mobile devices to communicate with connected doors, points of entry, and cars for completely hands-free access control, file sharing & can even precisely locate nearby UWB enabled devices. Samsung has introduced an all-new Samsung Notes app, which has redrawn the boundaries. Your notes will get synchronized between compatible devices within 1/4th of a minute, which means you can note down your ideas in a Note 20 & can view or edit that in a Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ or even on a Windows PC immediately. It can even synchronize our notes to the Microsoft OneNote app (this feature will be available soon) or can export it as a pdf file. You can now open pdf files with the Samsung Notes app and can annotate in the pdf with your Spen. Spen got 2 major updates, one is the improved latency of 9ms and the second is the addition of a new air gesture that can be used instead of navigation buttons.

Galaxy Buds live & Galaxy Watch are the new members in the Samsung Ecosystem. When paired with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you can double your productivity, as an example, you can record crystal clear audio while pro video recording through your Galaxy buds live, never matters whether the phone is kept a little far from you. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will offer you great flexibility, you can start a workout on your watch and you will get step by step video guidance on your smart TV & the watch will monitor your workouts & vitals & will sync it with the Samsung health app. Pairing these devices with a Samsung Note 20 Ultra is very easy. Opening the case will initiate the pairing between Galaxy Buds live & your Note & the connection is instantaneous. Galaxy watch on the other hand can be paired through the Galaxy Wearable app with ease. With the introduction of Wireless Dex, you can watch content on a bigger screen or can play your HD Xbox games on your TV with your Note 20 Ultra wirelessly.

Yes!! Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra got the perfect balance between work & play, it feels like a high-end desktop PC in my pocket!  A PC with bold Mystic Bronze Finish!!

Galaxy Note
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What an intersting read! We agree - seamless connectivity just elevates your every day experience.