Beginner Level 2
I dont think this is the right place but the samsung gulf technical support keeps redirecting me here so I guess I'll just submit my feedback here.  

Firstoff regarding the Pie update on the note 9.

1. The radius of the corners in the software is not the same as the radius of the device screen corners, I wish that gets fixed.

2. App switching "recent button" behaviour is undesirable, upon activating it immediately switches to the previous app (although it doesn't launch it)

3. the "Phone" app shows 2 sim card buttons, it is true that I have 2 sim cards in the device but only of them is usable for calling. This behaviour is absolutely undesirable in my use-case I wish for an option to disable it. 

Regarding Gear accessories.

1. I wish to disable GearS3 "Connected for call audio" without outright disconnecting the watch.

2. I wish to have an "always on" Gear IconX mode because the sensors are bad on my 2018 model and I have to use tape so it doesn't disconnect. replacements have the same issue.