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Day 2 @ Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Experience - New York - August 6th 2019 - Part 1

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Today was crazy. 


Like, downright, pure crazy! And loads of fun too... 


So, first off, after the first day's tiredness and registrations and orientations, we half expected us to wake up well past the starting time of the first activity, 8:30 AM. 


But heyyy presto, I was up at 4. Alarms? Nope. Calls? Nope. Wake up call? Nooope. Visitors? Nope. 


My body clock hadn't really gotten used to the time difference... so, yeah. I was up before the chicken had woken up. 


And I did what anyone who is up at that unearthly hour in NYC would do. I went out.


I went to Times Square. And seriously, at these kind of times is when you see how many different identities a place can have depending on the time. At 5 in the morning, Times Square was almost empty, except for a few people on their way to work with  a "venti" coffee in one hand and  a doughnut or bagel in the other. There were also a few tourists, a few cops and the municipal workers cleaning up the debris after the previous night's shenanigans by the city's inhabitants!The NASDAQThe NASDAQ




Another Times Square angle!Another Times Square angle!

After roaming around for a while and bathing in the unearthly calm of one of the world's busiest spots, I walked back to the hotel to get ready for the rest of the day!


(All photos in this post are taken with a Note 9 device. There have been no edits or filters applied on the same)