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Camera zoom and live focus issue

(Topic created on: 07-19-2019 06:35 PM)
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I have a Note 9 and recently, when taking pictures with zoom, the image has had a wavy/blurry effect. I can also feel the phone buzzing when I zoom. It's very strange. Now, when I take a video, if I zoom in, I can feel the phone buzzing and there is a terribly loud buzzing noise on the video playback. How do I make this stop??
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Take the phone to service centre. The camera needs to be replaced. Its a common complaint for note 9.
Check my previous post regarding this issue.
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You can't make it stop, many note 9 cameras are having the same defect, you have to take you phone to an authorized Samsung service centre to replace you camera module for free.
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Thank you for your quick response @mittuvichu @basselk
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I got my camera replaced for Free (in warranty) from Samsung Service Center....