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1. Problems with notification and sounds. When I get notification the notification sound brakes and is not proper same happens when I am on a bluetooth headphones the notifications sound brakes and even the call sound breaks. 

2. When I am Playing Pubg mobile. And I get a call I have to minimize the game to be able to talk on call Els the other person won't be able to here me. This happens for like 50% of the call. 

3. Brightness changes Mid game. Before one ui 2 we had to stop auto brightness in game center now we dont have that control

4. Noticable Battery Issues. I am getting about 20% less battery backup as before the update 

5. Network Issues. Although this was a old Samsung problem where my friend sitting next to me using Oppo or vivo phone will get 4G but I won't. This has become worse with One Ui 2.

This is not expected for a premium phone.
I am a poweruser I edit photos. Videos. Play games for like 5 hours at a time and I know this problems are true as I have soo much experience with the phone. I spend like 12-16hrs on the phone everyday. 

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Hi there,


In order to examine the issues occurring in your device, kindly send us the error log files separately for each issue  using Samsung member application by following below mentioned path-

Open Samsung member app>click on “+“icon>send feedback>Error reports>attach log file.

Note: For better assistance, please send device log files within 15 minutes of issue occurrence along with the exact issue details.



Samsung Members Team