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Hello Members and I believe Samsung team is also viewing this post, It's not a surprise to the DOUBLE STANDARDS OF SAMSUNG SERVICES to It's loyal customers from the different chips they use in the same phone for different regions to the different applications on the Galaxy store for different regions and yet the phones costs the same worldwide the only difference being some regions get more privileges in terms of trade in's or bundle while some get more warranty out of the box [2 years for many of African countries] BUT what I don't understand is why should SAMSUNG APPLICATIONS be PRELOADED to SAMSUNG phone by Google play Store and not SAMSUNG GALAXY STORE, Like my phone has 18 Samsung Apps from the PLAY STORE? including the ONE UI and this same App am using to express my thoughts to you all. Why Samsung why all the DOUBLE STANDARDS? Can someone please shed some light on the matter. 
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might be due to licensing issues..