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Appearing Green lines screen sometimes

(Topic created on: 03-19-2020 01:53 AM)
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Galaxy Note
When I use WhatsApp call first time it's appeared. Like green screen lines. After I restart, it's become normal. Later again I made many WhatsApp call. No issue. Again after 4 days. Same issue appears after disconnect green screen lines. 

I went to Samsung members and checked. It's checked and said two issues. One is software update and other battery is bad, visit service center. I update software update first when phone restart for update software. Same green screen appears. After update complete it's restarted, it's become normal now. Die to Corona issue. Here all service centers are closed. When they will open no idea. I'm scared about it. Please give a suggestion. Otherwise it may go big issue I worried. 

Note : I used only Samsung charger to charge phone. Never used any other. 

Phone never fell down.

1 year 3 months now. 

Please advise me any one in this situation.

Thanks a lot