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An unimaginable journey with Note9 and samsung sport.

(Topic created on: 07-20-2019 02:29 PM)
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Galaxy Note
Note 9 has been a great companion alongside my samsung watch (sports) with fabulous looks. 
Getting a note was a nice idea coz it makes my work so easy n with s pen its great i dont have to reach for a ink pen, not even a book to write notes. 

 Note 9 = everything in pocket.

With note and samsung sport it has been almost a year and it still feels Great having them both. 
Photography is my side hobby and having notes exceptional cameras had made it easier and note being Ip68 waterproof it had being a great help taking underwater photos.

Also samsung devices connected with each other is cool , its like samsung wants us to not put any extra effort. We can connect samsung phones to samsung notebooks, tvs , watches, wearables, ear bugs... so much ann samsung doesn't stop there they added this features using iot into home automation adding it to Samsung refrigerators , washing machines. Having all this in our place feels like we own a samsung home. Everything can be controlled sitting at one of the ends of the room.

Do what you cant with Samsung. 
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