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After sales service is literally awful

(Topic created on: 09-14-2021 09:38 AM)
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Galaxy Note

I regret that I bought a Samsung note 20 ultras in November 2021, suddenly the phone gives small vibration and shut down and the screen became black and stopped working, I dropped my phone at the authorized service center on 24 of August 2021 and today is the 14th Sep 2021 and I did not get my phone yet, I hade struggled to solve this issue getting many promises from Samsung and the service center to receive the phone within 2 days because the required part did not reach the service center. Many emails several calls and I am really very disappointed. it is not my issue as an end-user that the part is not available and how for 22 days !!! I Paid 4500 AED to Spend more than 20 days without contacts or GPS, suffering daily.