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After phone call screen still off

(Topic created on: 12-16-2020 07:38 PM)
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When I start a call and move the phone near to my ear the screen goes off. When I finish the call, the screen is still off and I cannot close the call. I need to turn on the screen with the power button and after that the screen goes on. I used this code to check the proximity sensor *#77692# And the sensor work perfectly 
1- I tried safe mode but still the issue same 
2- I tried wiping cache partition from recovery 
3- Reset all setting but not factory reset 
4- Reinstall the latest firmware by Odin Still the same
I received a software update before 2 days and I think maybe the latest firmware has problem
I don't know what I can do else, Any idea? 
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I have encountered the same issue on my Note 20 Ultra after October security patch. When you want to disconnect a call, onced the handset is taken off from your ear it has to turn on the screen but its not turning on now a days.
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This may be a software issue. Please back up all your data, then bring the device to a Samsung Service Center to help resolve the issue.


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Hi, seems to a software bug(no issues yet in my Note 20 Ultra5g)

Next update will be available in a few weeks. Hope it will solve the issue. Till then, you can enable PRESS SIDE KEY TO END CALL feature. This will disconnect the call by simply pressing the side key even if the display is off.