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5 reasons why...

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Something that is always with me is my phone. By always, I mean always 😂

And here are the top 5 reasons why:
  • Camera, camera, camera - Most of you should know this by now, I am always clicking and capturing memories. What else would I have at hand if not my phone! And with the quality of pictures this phone churns out, it's the best option to never lose anything. 
  • Samsung Notes - I use Notes of organising my whole life 😝 Somebody says something and I have already jotted it down 💯 I have to say...ut sure does improve my efficiency. Makes me feel almost like a superhuman because I usually have all the information organised 😅
  • S-Pen - Flick it out, scribble my Notes and I am ready to go 😏 Also why I really like the fact that the S21 Ultra has the S-Pen function. Super cool, eh?
  • Battery - I kid you not when I say the battery lasts the whole day. And I am on my phone whole day too! I come back at night, open Netflix and I still have the battery to run till I sleep. The phone has become my reliable friend.
  • Sync to Windows - Seamlessly integrating with my laptop and having my phone on the go, ah! Just perfect! What more can I ask for 😁
(Also there is one more reason - the Mystic Bronze is too pretty, I just love it 😅)

Now tell me in the comments below which is the device you are using and what are your top 5 reason 😉
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Here are my Top 5 On my Galaxy M30 form India 1 5000MAH Battery 2 Supper Amoled 6.4 or 3 inches Display size! 3 Camera! 4 64GB with 4gb Ram and 5 I'm in love with Exynos 7904 Processor!
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And last Android on this is Only Android Q/10 and we are only getting Security patch updates!
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That sounds like a whole package right there ✌🏼👌🏼
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing Ambassador!