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After the one ui 2.0 update in samsung m30 ram is automatically being used in the background and it causes too much render problem while opening the apps and phone also hangs alot . Will it be fixed by any update ? 
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yes sir problem in ram
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3 ways to solve it.....1st put unused or big app into sleep...2nd cleaning of running app from background from developer option....and if issue still remains then flash your last firmware from Samsung service centre or through odin software

Hi there,


Please perform the below mentioned steps to resolve the issue:
> Stop the background running app (Tap on the left soft key and close all the running apps).
> Ensure 20% of internal memory of device is free (Scroll down notification panel > Setting > Device maintenance > storage).

> If device hangs in any particular application/game then Clear cache memory of that application (Settings>apps> tap on that app>storage>clear cache).

For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung members app (Open Samsung members app>click on “+“icon>send feedback>Error report/ Ask Questions).


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