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I factory reset my phone yesterday and now I am facing a higher battery consumption.Battery drain is very high after factory reset.Any suggestions what should be done.
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1. Leave the phone for few days for daily drive. It'll get optimised automatically.
2. Calibrate the battery.
3. Do not use your phone in direct sunlight.
4. Turn on Dark Mode and turn off unnecessary animations.
5. Turn off unnecessary features. Such as palm to wake phone, Always on display.
6. Check battery life and replace the battery if it's below 65 life cycles.
7. Uninstall unnecessary applications. There is a possibility that viruses and malwares and spy applications can effects the battery.
8. Downgrade the system. (But before that check the bootloader and the firmware version.) But it's not recommended.
9. Leave the phone alone and monitor phone's behaviour. If so, Flash the phone using ODIN tool.
10. Take it to the nearest Samsung Service Centre.

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