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Your game is over very soon my dear Samsung. Real Me , Vivo beat you surely due to your overpriced, inferior quality smartphones.

Posted by: punshu
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network problem

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I have facing network problems in my Mobile galaxy m30s. Every night it lost its network.. after restarting mobile I got back network what do to avoid this issue

Worst Equalizer

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The custom equalizer on galaxy m30s is the worst equalizer i have ever used. If i enhance a frequency it compresses the whole audio. Im really really disappointed. It should be better if Samsung remove it in the next update cause no one gonna use it ...

Restart Issue

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My Samsung Galaxy M30s restarts daily once. It does only when phone screen is off. I can't find a solution even after done the procedures indicated for my queries. Can anyone resolve my problem.

Posted by: RaGg
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very bad signals and network

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I have purchased samsung m30s on 25th october 2019 and am very disappointed with decision of opting samsung.Signal strength is very bad in this phone where as in other phones of family member signals and network of same operator works perfectly fine....

Posted by: NGarg
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One Hand Operation+ works on M30s

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Omg! Though goodlock is not supported in M30s, One Hand Operation+ is there in galaxy store and works. It's so useful! Those who haven't tried can try it out. Thanks Samsung. Now please make other Goodlock apps available as well on M30s.


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Hey,I have seen that sim change alert on find my device is no longer available in latest devices. I would like you to release a Fixpack for it to work in M40 in future update.Please look to this concern and help it with this feature availability.Than...