Expert Level 2
Galaxy M
We have seen our Mobile misbehaving after an update. We need to understand the basics.
1. Please check on settings to understand what features are there in our mobile.
2. Give only what permissions needed for the app. Some apps misbehave when it is not given certain permission should be noted.
3. Some apps have overriding over other apps need to be noted which will switch on features in the background hence battery and data drain.
4. Please download only apps you need otherwise you will see too many apps in the background operating hence heating up and data use. 
5 Regular update of apps is a must in fact daily to rectify apps misbehaving. 
6. Do regular device care which cleans memory and device security problems. 
7. Regular cleaning of catch reduces the data consumption because they keep accessing the internet for updates.
8. Always update your security update and scan once in three days.
9. Regular check on our apps usage we have downloaded will help us in knowing what is needed and delete the unwanted. This reduces the load on the processors. 
10. Keep the apps in sleep mode if not in use. Data saver is good option.
11.Always keep tab on charging time, internet speed and usage. This will tell you whether your mobile working normally. 
12.Always avoid downloading and updating apps from unknown  sources as it will come with a malware. 
13. Since our mobile has AI you need change the cycle so that it tunes . For eg battery problems, once in 15 days drain the battery to zero switch off charge fully. Also keep the internet switched off at night reduces background operation cycles.

Please understand that updates are common for all but our mobiles are not. Each of us have different way of operation, with different apps hence get effected in different ways. So always keep your mobile tuned well.

Hope this will be helpful in keeping your mobile phone healthy and active.

You feedback to the above will help others new to our community.