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Samsung support contact numbers India

Time to prove that we're better than any other mobile community.

I also request to all users to reach to Samsung support via different platforms (like call, chat, facebook/twitter etc) to add below and more good features in next updates, which are already available even at mobiles under 5K-6K.

We would help Samsung to make OneUI better. 🔥


1.Samsung M30s and all supporting Samsung mobiles to record screen with inbuilt audio and mic audio as well. 
2. Unlock Camera2Api level 3

3. Palm gesture screenshot is no so convenient, so kindly change to something more convenient.

3. Network speed meter (Bits and KBs)

4. Privacy leakage protection, by which third party apps get blank or false info if they want contact, messages and other confidential data

5. Turn off mobile data and WiFi for specific app

(Kindly add your own good points to above list and ask Samsung to add them in next updates in reality) 🙏🤝✌️🤘😃