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Software Update

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M12 එකට security patch එකක් හරි එවපල්ලා හිත හදාගන්නවත්...

Android 12 ඉල්ලලා වැඩක් නැති නිසා ආය ඉල්ලන්නෙ නෑ. ඒ තරමටම කලකිරිලා ඉන්නේ දැන් නම්. 
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Ow bn Dan report karalama atha ridenwa
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Security patch එන්නෙ නෑ. OS update එක තමයි ඊලගට එන්නෙ.😇😉
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Samsung has promised that Samsung Galaxy M12 will get Android 12. The expected release for this version was 07/2022. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons the update might be delayed.

You must wait patiently until it arrives officially on your phone.

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Thanks... 👍
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මොනා කරන්නද බන් ඉතින් කියලා වැඩක් නෑ 😑
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June වලින් පස්සෙ කිසිම update එකක්.නෑ 💔
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M12 ekt Android 12 awa ned 🥲 👀.awilla lankawata release wela nh🥲Oyata hadissi wagey nm odin walin wena rataka Android 12 danna puluwan😉official. Without data lossScreenshot_20221012-200455_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20221012-200427_Chrome.jpg
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Ai mun M12 ekata android 13 denawa lu eee asse 🤣