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We all have used Xender and ShareIt for sharing files to other phones! Well I remember those apps were very good some years back but now the apps are just freaking adware. They share anonymous data back to their servers for ad purpose.


Today I will share a new method for sharing files between devices!


Google has launched a new service called Nearby Share which you can use to share files with nearby supported devices.

It requires minimum Android 6.0 device with updated Google Play Services!



Receiving device


1) To get started, Scroll down your phones status bar and check for Nearby Share icon (if not there, click on the 3 dots and select Button order. You should see reserved icons in the first row, look for Nearby share and drag it down to the status bar icons).


2) Open it, you should see an option stating to turn on your devices WiFI, Bluetooth and Location. Click on Turn On.


3) Then you get a widow where you can configure the name and visibility of your device. Set the name and let the rest of it be in the default setting.


4) Now your device is ready to receive files.



Sender device


1) To send any file open the app where your file is stored (eg. Gallery for Photos of File Manager).


2) Select the files you like to send. Nearby Share can work with multiple files (If you are using a File Manager, don't select a folder, Nearby Share does not support folder share).


3) Tap on the share icon and you should see a Nearby Share option. Select it, you will get the same setup options like we got while setting the receiving device Nearby Share.


4) After setup, you should see the receiving device name in the sender's windows.


5) Tap on it and accept the request for file transfer from the receiving device.


That's it! You have successfully shared the file between devices!



I will soon create a new post on how to transfer files between your phone and the computer without any USB cable and how to use WiFi Direct! Till then you can read some Nearby Share Features from the Google Blog https://blog.google/products/android/nearby-share/

nearby share is awesome 👌 yesterday I checked it ..it's so fast
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Yes it's good and fast too.. I have been using since beta stage👍👍
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it was nice and fast. I'm using that only👌🏻👍🏻