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Slower response and laggy feel

(Topic created on: 04-13-2024 09:44 AM)
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Dear users always try to keep your device away from mal wares ...
Do these simple things to boost up your phone 

1. Enable auto blocker in privacy settings for the blocking in instalation of any kind of apps from unauthorised platform, bcz they slow down the phone .

2 . Go to the recent tab button and on the left top corner check out how many apps running in background , if you see any suspicious apps running in your background then uninstall it . Simply go to settings then open apps sections and uninstall any apps you are suspecting to be harmful for your device from there by clicking uninstall button .

3. Always remember to optimise your phone , you can also turn on auto optimisation from the "battery and device care" option to keep your phone smooth .

4. Always remember to scan your phone at least twice or thrice a week from "battery and device care" option .

5. Try to keep your galaxy device's storage free and use cloud storage for your photos and videos .

6. Enable auto restart option from settings even you can do it manually a day to keep your device good to go .

7. Avoid using the phone while charging , bcz it damages the battery and performance core of the phone as well . So never do these things otherwise you may face some lags .

8 . Last but not the least ...
 Always follow a ideal screen on time to give your phone some hours of sleep...
Coz just like humans they just don't need to be fed up but to be given a good sleep as well .

I hope this helps 
Thank you ...
A happy costumer from samsung 😄 
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