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Samsung m53 not capturing proper portrait photos

(Topic created on: 03-14-2023 11:16 AM)
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There are a bug in camera of Samsung m53 specially in portrait mode. Whenever we trying to capture in portrait photo after clicking portrait button the portrait effect show for 1 to 2 second only and after that it convert normal photo mode its camera not holds portrait effect till even capturing the photo . So there are a difficulty to take portrait photo. And also not enough details in photos while it has 108 mp censer. These bugs are available from the launch of phone and not fixed yet while it get updates regularly

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1 Launch the Camera app.
2 Swipe to MORE.
3 Tap on PORTRAIT.
4 Select to change the effect.
5 Choose your preferred background effect.
6 Adjust the background intensity to suit your preference.
7 When you are ready to take your photo tap on the capture button


It up to you, how clearly you take the photos.

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