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For Samsung Galaxy M51.

Here some major points which can be imporve in next software update, Android 11 or UI 3.0 :-

1. Need optimisation in outdoor brightness! (Sometimes it shows less brightness when you were outdoor or under the sun light.

2. Need Optimization in adaptive brightness sensor!

Adaptive brightness fluctuate without any reason in same constant light.

3. Network connectivity should be improved !

Network signal stucks in proper network area ( later it shows you have a missed call, after done restart).

4. Need Optimization in Wi-Fi reception signals!

Low range of Wi-Fi signals, I compared to other Chinese brand also, their phone catches Wi-Fi signals to the highest range.

5. Need Optimisation in camera app & settings !

 Low shutter speed in 64 megapixels while shoot any image.

6. Need battery optimisation !

 Battery drains so quickly, the phone is of 7000 Mah battery, but it was act like phone whose having 4000 - 5000 Mah battery. 

7. Need optimisation in Ram management !

 It always shows almost 3GB Ram occupied without running any single application. So it lags sometimes and consuming Battery.

8. Wifi calling feature needs to improved.

9. Enable Carrier aggregation in M51 !
Carrier Aggregation, CA is an essential element of 4G LTE Advanced enabling much higher data rate.

10. Fix bug's in settings & Samsung app's.

11. Screen recording issue to be fixed with media sound.

12. Need Optimization in face unlock and fingerprint unlock sensitivity.

13. Need optimisation in camera settings, video should capture in 1080p 60fps atlest. If possible then provide in 4k also 60fps.

14. Clipboard option is needed !

15. Inbuilt app lock feature needed !

16. Samsung pay is needed !

17. Wi-Fi bridge is needed !

18. Update should be more frequent. Regular update should be there with latest system security patch.

Seriously Samsung should look into this ASAP and give us a fresh and stable update.


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Galaxy M
Yes, more that 50% of the points mentioned i face regularly. The device costing 25k and Samsung is skipping so many services, something Samsung plays cheap with the customer.
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I second the view in totality. However, I seriously doubt if they'll be considered considerably.
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well done.. you did a great job ...