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Samsung has introduced something called Dynamic RAM Allotment system with update to One UI 3.0 in its Galaxy M devices.
But what i have experienced by using both previous OneUI 2.0 and the new 3.0, now the RAM management system has became miserable. Especially if you are gaming on it, then you are definitely going to see the difference. Almost above than 3 GB of RAM is constantly used while gaming, and 1 GB is reserved. What is the motto of reserving RAM if you can't improve user experience when devices starts freezing? My device often freezes while gaming and the reserved RAM doesn't help me out. 
This was not an issue in previous version.
I request Samsung to review its new RAM management system especially with low RAM devices like Galaxy M30S, or atleast give us am option to choose between new system and the previous one.
Hopefully Samsung will take it seriously.
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