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Anyone asking for Android 11/OneUI 3.0 update for M30/M20 face a simple answer everytime.. "No. Your device already exhausted it's 2 major updates"
The reason given behind this is " Samsung 2 year update policy"
But do anyone notice the nasty deeds done by Samsung ?

Samsung play cheap tactics to manipulate 2 year update policy with budget devices. In the policy, they mentioned all devices will get 2 major android updates "regardless" of their price. But they play trick with budget devices. When they launch any budget device, they launch it with old android version. For example, they launched M01s in "July 2020" with android "9"!! Seriously! Can you imagine launching any device in 2020 July with android 9? Just because it can get update only upto android 11. All other big companies launched their devices with android 10 this year. It's like launching a device next year July 2021 with android 10 😂🤣.

Did Samsung do that with their costly flagship devices ? No. S20 launched 5 months prior to M01s (in Feb) with latest android 10. Similarly Launching M20 & M30 in 2019 with android 8 while everyone finished rolling out android 9 to their devices. 

That means budget users exhaust their one major update at the time they first switch on their device and check for update as their device immediately gets a major update to the latest current android version.
Samsung should remove that line ("regardless of price") from their update policy as (in a way) they are giving only 1 major update to budget devices.

There is no problem in prioritizing flagships in updates. They already changed 2 major upgrades policy to 3 upgrades for new and upcoming flagships. That's ok. They are costly so they deserve more updates. But they should stop playing cheap games with budget devices by launching them with downgraded android version just because to exhaust one major upgrade immediately.

They already provide trimmed down android version (core) with just basic features of OneUI with less options and apps to customize. By loosing so much stuff (including one major upgrade), atleast user should have a basic privilege of running current android version out of the box (not a year old downgraded android.) 

Samsung has a history of poorly management of device updates. I remember when Samsung Launched Note 2 with Jellybean and Stopped updating it on Kitkat. Just one Major update for a flagship. 🤣😂
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A valid point
+ M20 & M30 were the the first ones to get One UI 2.0 update in January. i.e : they got 2 Android updates in just 1 year.
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samsung will always prioritize only flagship phones in regards to upgrade....