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I have been using my samsung galaxy m31s for just over a week now and i have been facing a ton of issues. I have even raised many error reports but have not found any solutions on this.
Started using this phone since 20th August 2020
1) The first issue that i had on the very first day was network connectivity issues.
So i have been using the same sim in my last phone and it was working great and had never given me any issues up till now. But the day i put it in my new phone it has never connected properly. It shows 4g network for not more than 10 or 15 mins and goes to roaming or 2g network. I cant surf anything this is too frustrating and i have tried everything that the automated message has suggested me to do its the same.
2) The second this was that i was using my camera and it showed an error saying that camera not working. I don't expect these things from such a big brand name and in such a short span of time. We do put our hard earned money and dont expect such things.
3) Another thing is that i have been using youtube app and whenever i am playing a video it shows a glitch in between the videos. This has happened many times.
4) And recently when i was on a call with another person while i was talking to that person the phone started to ring and i was connected to another random person in between the call.
What is this? I need a solution for this can someone help me? I am very much disappointed with this. I would like a refund or a replacement to this its very bad.
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All i understand from your post that you have got a faulty device. If puchased onine you can go for replacement. Else visit service center.
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Dear Samsung Member,

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We request you kindly visit the service center as your device needs physical inspection. To check for the nearest Samsung service center kindly click on the link: https://www.samsung.com/in/support/service-center/

Thank you for writing to Samsung.


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