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Dear samsung,

I have already registered complain for carrier aggregation not supported in M31,

*Complain no. And reply received from samsung* 
Thank you for contacting Samsung. We hope your query was answered satisfactorily. For future reference kindly quote 2287127137 at 180040-SAMSUNG(7267864).

Kindly provide it ASAP and revert..

Also I have gone through members forum, found that multiple users asking for it, why samsung not giving???

Ref: td-p/4846545, td-p/4081356,

Pls find screenshot of it that CA not supported in m31 even after sep-20 update.


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in m40 its available
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yes dear, but not in M31, after all we have spent 17500rs on this device and this is must be feature.

even 6 to 7k range phones giving this feature then why samsung not giving it on M31??