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Respected Team Samsung

First of all a hearty congratulations for your new upcoming Samsung Model 
The M30s.
29th Sept no doubt shall always be a historic date in the history 
of Android phones.
From the time android have been introduced in India, I have been a very vivid user of Samsung. Having used most of your models I never ever felt of switching over to another brand, trust me not even to an iphone, 
Samsung no doubt is just the BEST.
My main concern of writing to you is
As you all know there is a tough competition going on in this Cellular Era, 
Each brand is just coming up with something new and exciting to attract customers towards their product.
I am happy my favorite brand has finally come up with M30s.
Not only design, sound, camera, the looks, the software, 
but indeed you have just hit the Bulls Eye.
A Big Battery Phone from Samsung which no other brand presently has and thats exactly what everyone wanted 
Yes you heard it right -  every body wanted.
Samsung was on everybodys mind. "Mobile HO TOH SAMSUNG"
Even you must be knowing Before Vivo,Oppo and Other players 
entering the market, Its share of percentage was also indeed very high.
One Thing which is disturbing me and always popping in my mind is.
Is Samsung really NOT interested in boosting its sale ??
No doubt you are coming up with a Great battery phone which is your main USP
But Why is it only limited to Online ?? 
Why not available Offline in the Open Market ??
Why not Easily Accessible for Everyone ??
With so many ONLINE  THEFTS  going on, People have completely lost their trust on these online portals, 
Mind you I am not personally blaming any one of them but
Imagine a person just walking in a store, even in your SmartCafe and regretting by the reply Sorry Sir -  M30s ONLY availabe online.
Isnt it Disheartning ??
M30s has already become the talk of the town, 
You are giving us something really exciting, something really great and hey that too at a very comfortable budgetry price.  
Be it any class of people, Literate or Not. 
M30s would have been everybodys Final Choice.
Anyways wishing you all the Very Best for Sept 29
Well In the end I would have really loved to see M30s in every 
body's hand and Would have proudly said that Yes My Samsung defeated the Competitors and that too with a BANG
Before I sign off hoping to see it someday in the offline market 
for all,  making every human - GO MONSTER
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I have received the phone yesterday but data speed is very poor.


Are you getting proper data speed? I am using a Jio sim and the data speed is very poor. Same sim working properly in different devices.