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Hello, I can't open rar files. I used Rar, Zarchiver like apps. Normally Rar files save to android-data folder. But as I use android 12 version, it does not allow and doesnt show the files in android-data folder. Can anyone help me?
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It sounds like you're encountering a security restriction in Android 12 that prevents access to the "android-data" folder. To access your RAR files, you can try the following steps:

1. Use a file manager app that has the necessary permissions to access the "android-data" folder.

2. Move the RAR files to a different folder that you have access to, and then extract them using a RAR app.

3. Some RAR apps have an option to extract files directly from the app without saving them to the device's storage. Try using this option if available.

It's also worth noting that Android 12 has increased security measures, so it's possible that your RAR app may not work as expected. In that case, you may need to find a different RAR app that's compatible with Android 12.

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