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Hello Samsung experts I recently purchased Samsung Galaxy M30 in India as it is made & sold for Indian SIM's. During migration of my data from old phone to this device, I tried to search for Samsung Smart Switch for Mobile in google play store from M30 and could never find. Then google search, I tried to search the same software from M30 and it threw the error that "Your device isn't compatible with this version".. Tried to contact Samsung Developers


From: Matt
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2020 
To: sswitch.cs@samsung.com <sswitch.cs@samsung.com>
Subject: Re: Samsung M30 incompatible with Samsung Smart Switch Mobile
Hello Smart Switch Mobile Support Team,
Thank you for the quick revert.
Would like a further clarification on 
  1. If it is only with Samsung M30 that is incompatible with the official Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app?
  2. Or Is it the whole Samsung 'M' Series mobile having this incompatibility issues with Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app?
  3. Why such incompatibility issues remain unfixed between official original Samsung phone M30 and official Samsung Smart Switch mobile app, when the phone is running the latest Android versions much higher than the comparable phone and android versions?
  4. Now that only one app is identified in the short run, can I find or gather the list of incompatible google play store apps/ softwares with my Samsung M30 or in general Samsung M Series?
Appreciate if some one responds to the query.  While conversing with a mobile guy, he was mentioning that M Series is only incompatible with one software but multiple. But there is a workaround to download from Samsung Store.
Also if you could refer to any official article from Samsung.
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I think Smart Switch requires Knox which is not available in M series.