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I am using a mo2 phone

(Topic created on: 01-29-2023 10:28 PM)
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Can i use a 15w charger
And my phone battery capacity is 5000mah
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Yes , you can use it but don't expect to reduce the charging time because the phone will only charge at the rate designed by samsung. For an example if your phone is designed to charge at 10w and if you plug the phone to a 15w charger , it will charge at 10w only eventhough the charger is capable of providing 15w . Plugging a 15w charger doesn't harm the battery or device since the phone will decide the amount of power to be drawn out of the charger.
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I agree with the above comment. Your phone supports 15W adaptive fast charging. It will charge faster than a charger that with a lower wattage. But no point getting a charger with a higher wattage than 15W, because 15W is the max.

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