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Google Photos showing screenshots on Camera Folder

(Topic created on: 03-01-2022 08:23 PM)
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I got an issue with google photos.So you see here If I capture a screenshot, google photos show that on the camera folder. it's really annoying because when I connected to the WiFi it's start to backup screenshots.


But you see here,I haven't turned on Backup device folders.


Also on Samsung Gallery I screenshots are showing on Screenshot folder.Thers's no issue with Samsung Gallery.

I'm using google photos since few years and Many devices.I have used Xiaomi,Huawei and etc phones.but I didn't got this issue on that devices.That's why I posted this issue on here.Also I should say that I moved to Samsung because of their UI,and still love it.
Any solutions please?
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Hi Rachitha,

This is a weird glitch in Google Photos by the looks of it. I have not synced any photos with google photos for many years and one or 2 random photos i took a couple of days ago also has synced. I think its happening at random. Try taking new screenshots to see if they too sync with Google photos.

In my experience its been random syncing
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Btw This problem has been around for a long time but I saw it today.if I take another screenshot, Surely it'll start to backup.I tried actually 🥲
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Thats really sad. It happens to random pics of mine. Maybe u should uninstall google photos and then reinstall to see if it will make a difference
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I tried these steps

Reinstall google photos
Clear cache and data
Re add my google account
Also I did factory reset 🥲 💔

Still same issue 🥲 💔
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Maybe you'll have to permanently stop using Google Photos then
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Actually I think there's no better app like google photos.I just looked for OneDrive,but it hasn't features like google photos.Also I can't keep my data on this device because I always lost my phones and forgot passwords.💔idk what to do 😿
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You can always keep deleting photos u don't want. Thats ur last resort
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I guess,I have no other options,btw thanks