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Hello Samsung, 

Speed and uninterrupted internet connection is necessary nowadays, so many mobile network companies with harder to achieve this and phone manufacturers ensure it with quality hardware and software.But the thing is i always amazed since i bought my galaxy m51 i feel my internet connection is slower compared to my old device. When i asked some of my friends they told that my device not support carrier aggregation so the network works slow. I taught the 730g chipset may not support this feature but i shocked to know that not only this chipset but even low budget phones with inferior processors also support carrier aggregation but not this device. Recent times i have seen that so many users also mentioning about this in the community as well. It's very sad that buying this mobile for 25k(when it launched) but still missing most of the basic features (like customization of fonts etc) which are available in many budget phones in the market. It shows how you discriminate low and mid budget mobile users especially m series users. we get core version of os which missed some features.i taught this because the cost but f62 and m42 models get proper one ui version which costs lesser than m51. It is unfair that you provided NFC with no Samsung pay.Eventhough i am fan of Samsung devices now i feel that i should have bought other company phone which provides above mentioned features even with 6-8k lesser cost. Now i feel not to suggest Samsung devices to anybody (sorry to say this I'm not treatening you i just feel desperate thats it). It just takes one bad feeling to completely untrust a company. If possible please provide carrier aggregation,proper one ui version and Samsung pay support in future updates. 

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