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Note: I am not Redmi or Samsung fanboy, but a normal user who noticed below. 

Galaxy M21 vs Redmi note 9 pro, both devices at same MRP, but I noticed huge difference in design, quality and performance. Also unexpectedly Note 9 pro's Display beating the best thing of Galaxy M21's Super Amoled Display. 
 Note 9 pro has faster processor, very fast task speeds with haptik feedback. In Everything else it is better, even 5000 mah battery is equivalent to M21's 6000mah battery. M21 has poor design while note 9 pro has premium look design 
 The only thing in M21 that is better than note 9 pro is its one ui (look and feel) and after sales service. 
 I got frustrated over M21 after using my friend's note 9 pro for 1 hour only. It is beating in every way to my M21.

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Redmi note 9 pro is better don't get in Samsung you will regret it. trust me bro